Touchpoint reflexology techniques

During many years of practice, we have developed the following 4 basic techniques, which are included in most of our continuing education workshops.

The videos below introduce the techniques and may enable you to experiment with the reflex zones and points, shown in our articles and on the laminated charts which can be purchased at workshops ore online here >

(Videos are without sound)

Deep Touch Technique
Here we work with deep, circular, rhythmic motions.

Subtle Touch Technique
An energy-based technique, using a light touch combined with strong intentional focus.

Link Touch Technique
Here we stimulate two reflexes simultaneously - or link a reflex with its target area in the body. 

Bilateral Resonance technique 
Used with symmetrical reflexes (i.e. arm reflexes). The reflexes are stimulated rhythmically, while allowing the movement to spread to the entire body.

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