Round about: Metabolism

What is metabolism?

Health problems involving metabolism are on the rise.

In the USA Levothyroxine (manufactured thyroid hormone) is the most commonly prescribed medication with more than 114 million prescriptions per year (2016).

We take a close look at all the elements of metabolism - including the thyroid gland.
Metabolism at many levels: Organism - organ - cell - molecule.


An energy medicine perspective on metabolism.

There is a constant flow of matter through living organisms. Every 7th year every single of your atoms has been renewed!
How is that enormous activity held in control?

Reflexology and metabolism

  • New reflexes
  • Nerve Reflexology to balance metabolism
  • Combination of techniques
  • Link Touch technique
  • Subtle Touch technique
  • Stimulation of flow

Endless symptom list

Maybe metabolism deserves a higher focus in our reflexology sessions.

When you look at official lists of symptoms and health issues associated with both low and high metabolism, it becomes clear, that virtually all physiological systems can be affected.
This makes sense, when you regard metabolism and thyroid function as the body's control room for energy production.


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Material: An extensive fully illustrated workbook is included with the workshop.

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