Hanne Marquardt techniques

Course dates
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Subjects for the two days:

  • Variations of reflexological basic techniques - How do you work efficiently without straining your hands?
  • Joint reflexes, position and techniques.
  • Joint reflexes as topographical guides
  • Scar treatment - a specialty of the Marquardt schools.
  • Localisation of scar reflexes, techniques, emotional reactions.
  • Stabilizing techniques connecting reflexology and meridians.

The Mother of Reflexology in Europe she is called...

Touchpoint is proud to once again be able to present the Grand Old Lady of reflexology.

European reflexology started out in Germany and for students with a medical background. Thats why Fussreflexzonentherapie has a high tradition on reflexology as a diagnostic tool.

Without comparison Hanne Marquardt is the most influential reflexologist in Europe. 
Her technique is uniq and with great respect for the client.

Watching her treatment is magic, thats why participants are back year after year.

Are shapes communicating?

Yes, according to Hanne Marquardt shapes communicate with energy which can be used therapeutically. One of her many examples is - shoulder and hip.

On this course you spend two days with the legendary therapsit and teacher, and besides learning new exciting techniques you also get a sense of the history of our profession.

Hanne Marquardt has a straight forward teachning style, and there will be lots of hands-on practise spiced up with philosophical tid-bits.

This workshop is taught in English

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