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The heart is much more than a pump
- maybe the heart should receive more attention in your reflexology sessions?

In many cultures the heart is viewed as the very center of life. In ancient Egypt the heart of deceased was weighed in a ceremony to see if they were worthy to enter the afterlife. The Aztec would sacrifice hearts to return power to the sun. In the Bible the heart represents the innermost part of a human being, its soul or true self. The Indian Upanishads talk about the Lotus of the Heart, the inner chamber of the self, which becomes an eternal part of the universe, when the body cease to exist. " As large as the external universe, so large is the universe in the heart lotus".

These philosophical descriptions, despite their different origin, share the same deep wisdom of the heart. And excitingly, new scientific research now enables us to revive this old knowledge in a Western reference frame.

The wealth of new information inspires us to emphasize working more with the heart in all reflexology sessions.

That is why we have developed a new workshop about the heart with the following main themes:

Embryology, the heart is formed from two different cell lines, see how the heart is structured as a knot, that can be "untied".
Heart anatomy and physiology -  about two million heartbeats of a lifetime.
The Vagus nerve is mostly an afferent (sensory) connection to the heart, how can we interpret this new finding?

This workshop will give you a completely new view of the heart.

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