Hands-on Headache for all Therapists

There are currently no new dates for this course.

Headache is the most common symptom in adults. 20% of the adult population have suffered from headaches within the past two weeks.

In this workshop your knowledge of headache and migraine will be refreshed and deepened. You will learn to look at headache and migraine from new angles. You will acquire new techniques for the immediate symptomatic treatment and learn theories and methods to deal with the deeper layers of causal connections.

We take a look at the physiological processes: What is hurting when you have a headache? Pain is formed in the brain; hear about new theories in pain research.
We review the conventional conceptions and treatment of these problems and look at different medications and not the least over-medication, which can be a cause of both headache and migraine!

In order to widen a holistic view on causes and connections in headache and migraine, we look at subjects such as:

For treatment we include techniques from Nerve Reflexology, gentle fascia work, energy techniques, special reflex points, relaxation techniques and more...

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