Advanced Reflexology with Tony Porter

13 May 20199.00-17.00
14 May 20199.00-17.00
2 day(s)
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This workshop is part of the series: Tony Porter

Advanced Reflexology techniques with Tony Porter

A unique opportunity to meet and be taught by one of the greatest legends of reflexology. 

Get new inspiration and learn how to use your hands in a new way with Tony Porter's pioneering techniques.

Tony deserves a great deal of credit for the fact, that modern reflexology has become a professional treatment modality.

Subjects for the workshop

What is a disturbed reflex? 
New techniques for detecting and interpreting stressed reflex areas. 

Different textures in the reflexes
What do they mean? Which therapeutic contact should you use? 

Spinal reflexes 
Medial and lateral spine reflexes with associated structures. Special techniques to treat them simultaneously. 

The toes 
Demonstration and practice of techniques for a thorough treatment of the often overlooked toes. Convincing physiological changes can be generated simply by a focused treatment of the toes. Often with immediate result. 

Exploring different ways of working with the digestive tract with a combination of classical and A.R.T techniques. 

Male and female reproductive organs 
A collection of special techniques for contacting, evaluating and treating these areas. 

Integration of the new techniques with classical reflexology

"‘Treat what you find and not what you are looking for" 

Quote: Tony Porter

This course is taught in English

Read more about Tony Porters at:

 Here you will also find his blog with many interesting articles.


Peter and Dorthe are internationally respected leaders in reflexology; both as practitioners and teachers. I encourage reflexologists everywhere to expand their theoretical horizons and integrate the hands-on techniques from this workshop in their daily practice. You and your clients will be happy with the results!

- Christine Issel - Sacramento, CA, USA -

Dorthe and Peter took a complicated subject like anatomy and made it very easy to understand as well as remember. They're phenonemal instructors that take necessary time with you as an individual to show you exactly where and how to work on your clients. This is easily one of the best reflexology classes I have taken.

- Chantal Magaruh - Nevada, USA -

Touchpoint is well-known around the world for a high professional standard in reflexology. I recommend their teachings, which can widen your practice with great benefit.

- Hanne Marquardt - Black Forest, Germany -

Thank you much, Peter and Dorthe. You are both magnificent, so well-rounded and empathic, both as stellar individuals and as an exceptionally integrative and professional team. I am grateful to study with you both, such leading-edge pioneers!

- Petra van Noort, New York City -

Peter and Dorthe presented the most organized and professional training class I have ever attended in my adult life. As a 46-year-old veteran I have been through many classes from military training, to underwater welding, to different types of healing modalities. I was very impressed with the work Peter and Dorthe are doing. Thank you for the wealth of information I will be putting to valuable use. Cheers.

- Rigby Oughs - Boulder City, Nevada, USA -

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