Hanne Marquardt, Germany

Born 1933.
From 1951-54 educated as a nurse in England. 1995 Exam in Germany as a state-authorized masseur. 1956-57 taught at a massage school in Boppard / Rhein. 1958 education as a respiratory therapist. 1961 Exam as a Heil Practitioner.

Since 1967used reflexology in own practice. Since 1970, intensive teaching of medical and paramedical specialist groups in reflexology at the main school in Königsfeld-Burgberg. Since 1980, established 14 independent-working reflexology schools in Germany and other countries. Numerous lectures and publications about reflexology.

Hanne Marquardt's book: "Practical textbook in reflexology" was published in 2001 at Munksgaard's publishing house translated by Peter Lund Frandsen.

You can read more about Hanne Marquardt in articles and at: www.fussreflex.de(in German).

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