Round about: The Immune system

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Is inflammation the underlying cause of most diseases?
New research indicates that this is in fact the case. It is well established that atherosclerosis is an inflammatory process, not just caused by raised cholesterol/fatty diet as previously asumed. The same is most likely the case with conditions as different as Alzheimer's, many muscle and joint pains, MS, rheumatic diseases, Chron's disease, endometriosis, etc.
Autoimmune diseases are becoming more and more common and allergies are on the rise.

Maybe we can turn things upside down and ask: Which health problems are not connected to inflammation in the body?

In this workshop we study the construction and functioning of the immune system. Why can it change from friend to enemy?

And you will learn many new techniques to work with and balance the immune system.

An extensive fully illustrated workbook is included with the workshop.

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