Round about: The Foot

For most reflexologists the foot is theire most important tool – Get to know it even better!

From many colleagues we have heard statements like: ”I wish I knew more about the structure of the feet and about problems in the feet themselves”. We have taken up the logical consequence and developed the long sought after course about the feet.

We will take a detailed look at the parts that make up the feet: Bones, muscles, tendons, blood and nervous supply and study how they function together. This knowledge enables the reflexologist to work with the greatest efficiency and is necessary to gain the full value of many post graduate courses in reflexological techniques.

You will learn to palpate the structures in the foot and simple techniques to mobilise all joints, which makes your reflexology work deeper and with less pain.
Knowing how to distinguish between a tender foot reflex and a local problem in the foot is a valuable time saver which will also give you better results.

- and you will learn to work the foot – on the foot!

Subjects include:

If possible bring a foot skeleton model.

Continuing Training credits are available.

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Tel: (+45) 7023 7047