The following is a list of all workshops we have developed.
They are most often presented as two-day events, but we also present one-day extracts or longer seminars as requested by our organizers.

Round about: The Spine - Tokyo >
Australia october 2018 >
Hanne Marquardt- techniques >
Summer School Round about: Immune Systeme Box >
Summer School NR II Lower neck - Thorax - Shoulder - Arm - Organs >
Round about: The Foot >
Round about: Arm & Hand >
London Round about: Arm&Hand dec 2018 >
Round about: The Spine >
Round about: The Neck >
Round about: The Shoulder >
Round about: Hip, Sciatica & Knee >
Round about: Digestion >
Round about: Stress >
Round about: The Heart >
Round about: Headache & Migraine >
Round about: Respiration >
Round about: Fertility >
Nerve Reflexology: Spine-organs-pelvis-legs >
Hands-on Headache for all Therapists >
Frotier Biology 3h lecture >

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