An essential reflex for fertility - for both men and women

Tips for your fertility clients: Working with nerve reflexes for the pelvis.

August 2019

Do you have eyes at the back of your neck?

New information about the suboccipital muscle group and tips for treatment.

January 2016

Case story: A Heart Under Pressure

A case story illustrating the importance of looking at the heart´s surroundings when dealing with arythmias

December 2015

The heart is much more than a pump

New fascinating knowledge about the heart, and tips for reflexological approaches.

June 2015

The right therapeutic focus - when pain is caused by stress

Two case stories illustrating reflexology sessions with stressed individuals

March 2014

The Broad Back

A three-dimensional view on the spine reflex and working with the spine on the plantar aspect of the feet.

June 2013

Inflammation - Enemy and friend

New knowledge about inflammation as a key component of most chronic diseases. Reflexology technique for liniking the adrenal reflexes to a symptomatic area.

May 2013

Can Stress be Painful?

On the relation between stress and pain. Tips for reflexological treatment.

September 2011

Your gut is wiser than you think

New knowlegde about the enteric nervous system "The Stomach Brain" and how we can utilise this in reflexology.

March 2011

Pain is a picture

Background and various tips for working with pain clients.

March 2011

Linking techniques around the spine

Working with multiple reflexes simultaneously. By linking two reflex areas you can often achieve a faster and deeper treatment effect

March 2010

Babies can do it… Let’s learn it again !!

Introducing postural correction, a simple and effective way of preventing many proplems in the musculo-skeletal system.

January 2008

Stress – therapy’s worst enemy?

This article provides a few tips for working with your stressed clients and describes the importance of being able to convey new knowledge to clients about stress.

July 2007

What Makes the Big Difference in Reflexology Treatments?

Presentation to the Reflexology Association of Australia Conference – Adelaide October 2006

October 2006

Clench Your Jaw and Have a Headache!

Many people unwittingly have tight jaw muscles and often headaches are caused by something as simple as jaw tensions.

September 2006

Round about: Infertility

- Combining different reflexology methods.

February 2006

The ”Tenderloin” of the Neck

About influences from and treatment of the Sternocleidomastoid muscle.

October 2005

The Sciatic Nerve – The Nerve of Reflexology

Knowing the few most common causes for sciatica, treatment is often straightforward. Here we present some tips and ideas to try out in your practice.

June 2004

There is More to Your Neck

The neck is more involved in a persons well-being than most people are aware. We present a few reflexology tips for neck treatment.

May 2004

The Shoulder – Mobile but Vulnerable

A short overview of shoulder problems and ways to address them with different reflexology approaches.

December 2003

Round About Painful Joints

"You have arthrosis, and you need to learn to live with it" - but is that true? About arthrosis and causes for joint pain. Reflexology tips for treatment of hip pain.

September 2003

Infertility - Background and Reflexological Treatment

Dorthe Krogsgaard´s presentation to the European Reflexology Conference (RiEN 2003) in Riccione, Italy, May 2003.
An extensive overlook of conventional and complementary views on infertillity - Directions for reflexology therapy.

May 2003

Round about: The Psoas muscle

- an overlooked cause of many health problems.

April 2003

Otitis media

Presentation by Dorthe Krogsgaard at the South African Reflexology Society´s Congress, Johannesburg, March 2002.
Background and reflexological treatment of middle ear infection in children.

March 2002

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