Summer School: Round about: Headache & Migraine

12 July 20199:00am-5:00pm
13 July 20199:00am-5:00pm
2 day(s)
EUR 80.00
Total fee:
EUR 373.00
This workshop is part of the series: Round about...

Subjects for the workshop:

In order to widen a holistic view on causes and connections in headache and migraine, we look at subjects such as:

  • Muscular tensions, functional muscle chains
  • The body’s fascia system and connections to the brains supportive tissue
  • Influences from the jaw and temporo-mandibular joint
  • Importance of nutrition and blood sugar
  • Breathing and acid-alkaline balance, according to the Russian Buteyko-method
  • Reflexes for brain structures, nerves and muscles.

Headache is the most common symptom in adults. 20% of the adult population have suffered from headaches within the past two weeks.

In this workshop your knowledge of headache and migraine will be refreshed and deepened. You will learn to look at headache and migraine from new angles. You will acquire new techniques for the immediate symptomatic treatment and learn theories and methods to deal with the deeper layers of causal connections.

We take a look at the physiological processes: What is hurting when you have a headache? How does breathing affect migraine? Pain is actually formed in the brain; hear about new theories in pain research.
We review the conventional conceptions and treatment of these problems and look at different medications and not the least over-medication, which can be a cause of both headache and migraine!

For treatment we include techniques from classical reflexology, nerve reflexology, special reflex points and relaxation techniques.

The Treatment schemes below shows all the techniques we teach in the workshop.

In Touchpoint’s continuing education classes we primarily present techniques from classical and nerve reflexology, and a few selected body techniques.

Towards the end of the course, we discuss the treatment schemes, which, built on our clinical experiences, is meant as an inspirational tool and a way to remember the new techniques.

Treatment scheme Headache

Treatment scheme Migraine

Instructors: Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen

On Touchpoint courses and workshops you benefit from having two instructors throughout the days.
Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen are both highly experienced international teachers, who present a mixture of theory, demonstrations and lots of hands-on practice.

This workshop is taught in English

An extensive fully illustrated workbook is included with the workshop.

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Touchpoint International Summer School
This workshop is part of our Summer School, which takes place in Copenhagen this summer.
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Touchpoint is well-known around the world for a high professional standard in reflexology. I recommend their teachings, which can widen your practice with great benefit.

- Hanne Marquardt - Black Forest, Germany -

Dorthe and Peter took a complicated subject like anatomy and made it very easy to understand as well as remember. They're phenonemal instructors that take necessary time with you as an individual to show you exactly where and how to work on your clients. This is easily one of the best reflexology classes I have taken.

- Chantal Magaruh - Nevada, USA -

Peter and Dorthe presented the most organized and professional training class I have ever attended in my adult life. As a 46-year-old veteran I have been through many classes from military training, to underwater welding, to different types of healing modalities. I was very impressed with the work Peter and Dorthe are doing. Thank you for the wealth of information I will be putting to valuable use. Cheers.

- Rigby Oughs - Boulder City, Nevada, USA -

Peter and Dorthe are internationally respected leaders in reflexology; both as practitioners and teachers. I encourage reflexologists everywhere to expand their theoretical horizons and integrate the hands-on techniques from this workshop in their daily practice. You and your clients will be happy with the results!

- Christine Issel - Sacramento, CA, USA -

Thank you much, Peter and Dorthe. You are both magnificent, so well-rounded and empathic, both as stellar individuals and as an exceptionally integrative and professional team. I am grateful to study with you both, such leading-edge pioneers!

- Petra van Noort, New York City -

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