Round about: The Spine

2 day(s)
This workshop is part of the series: Round about...

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デンマーク リフレクソロジー デュオ ドーテ&ピーター夫妻

(Denmark Touchpoint)による二日間の来日セミナーを開催します。






場所:東京・渋谷 セミナールーム 定員30名


・ 脊椎の解剖生理学

・ 背中、腰の病気、諸症状

・ 神経リフレクソロジー

・ 脚の背骨反射区

・ 姿勢矯正リフレクソロジー

・ デンマーク最先端リフレクソロジー事情

・ エネルギーワークとしてのリフレクソロジー 等々

受講料: ¥50000


両日参加の方にはDenmark Touchpoint より参加証が授与されます。


Dorthe Krogsgaard (ドーテ・クロッグスガード)

Peter Lund Frandsen (ピーター・ルンド・フランツェン)

Denmark Touchpoint にて施術とセミナーを運営する国際的に著名なリフレクソロジスト







セミナーオーガナイザー リフレクソロジスト 荻野麻里(おぎのまり)


The spine is the core of the body and treating the spine reflexes should also constitute the core of any reflexological treatment.
In this workshop nerve-reflexology will be one of the major techniques, because it is effective and fascinating to use with back problems. Using this method in the beginning of a treatment session often reduces pain and increases motility, thus enhancing the classical reflexology treatment which follows.

The main subjects for the two-day workshop include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the spine revisited
  • Common back problems and causes
  • Assessing motility of the spine
  • Nerve reflex points for all spinal nerves
  • Reflexes for the spine on the lower leg
  • Muscle reflexes
  • Stress management via the autonomic nervous system
  • Treatment of the sacro-iliac joint
  • Assessment and treatment of the Iliopsoas muscle
  • Stimulating the whole body via the spine
  • Analysis and correction of posture

In the workshop we use techniques from Classical reflexology, Nerve reflexology, The Swedish Karl-Aksel Lind method, Danish muscle reflexes, trigger points and more.

With the workshop comes a 35 page fully illustrated manual covering both theory and practise

The workshop is conducted with a mixture of lecturing, demonstrations and lots of practical hands-on work.

Continuing Training Credits are available.

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Touchpoint is well-known around the world for a high professional standard in reflexology. I recommend their teachings, which can widen your practice with great benefit.

- Hanne Marquardt - Black Forest, Germany -

Peter and Dorthe are internationally respected leaders in reflexology; both as practitioners and teachers. I encourage reflexologists everywhere to expand their theoretical horizons and integrate the hands-on techniques from this workshop in their daily practice. You and your clients will be happy with the results!

- Christine Issel - Sacramento, CA, USA -

Dorthe and Peter took a complicated subject like anatomy and made it very easy to understand as well as remember. They're phenonemal instructors that take necessary time with you as an individual to show you exactly where and how to work on your clients. This is easily one of the best reflexology classes I have taken.

- Chantal Magaruh - Nevada, USA -

Peter and Dorthe presented the most organized and professional training class I have ever attended in my adult life. As a 46-year-old veteran I have been through many classes from military training, to underwater welding, to different types of healing modalities. I was very impressed with the work Peter and Dorthe are doing. Thank you for the wealth of information I will be putting to valuable use. Cheers.

- Rigby Oughs - Boulder City, Nevada, USA -

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